Why our work stands out above the rest

Essex Glass has been working in this industry for over 20 years and we love what we do! We take pride in making our clients happy! Our work stands out above the rest because we maintain our deadlines all while considering your quality of life and budget. Essex Glass has a proven history of excellence along with an extensive line of products and services. We are confident in saying at the end of this process we can dramatically enhance your environment as well as increase the value of your property by upgrading your property’s façade with glass renovation.



Have the right equipment heavy machinery and connections is very important to get the commercial jobs done. When your doing a store front or if it’s a skyscraper glass installation Essex Glass proves a long lasting reputation for our origination. Just naming a few of our solutions that puts us above the rest makes us easy to get any size job done and keep good quality control. If you have anymore questions please contact us anytime were happy to go over how Essex will make completion just one step closer. O and we forgot to mention our savings! When we put your package together will be sure to have the most affordable bid with the very best up to date quality.


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